We Can Improve Your Board's Effectiveness

Greenspire Evaluations offers Evaluations at Board, Executive Committee and Senior Leadership level to help organisations be at their best.

All successful organisations share at least one characteristic – high quality boards, but as any number of examples show, it is not enough to simply have high quality people on a board.

They have to work together as a team to deliver results. Governance is much talked about in the context of large companies, but the types and nature of the governance vary according to the organisation.

There are a range of different governance codes now available for large companies, small companies, charities and quasi-public bodies and all provide a useful benchmark to measure board effectiveness.

Many organisations have little experience of these codes, which have often only been introduced in the last few years and it is sometimes hard for undertakings to know what works for them and whether they are compliant.

Board evaluations are a very useful methodology for boards to understand how they measure against the codes and to analyse and improve their performance.

Areas of Focus

Alongside proper and necessary governance, organisations and their boards are increasingly facing complex challenges.  The need for effective and excellent quality boards is even more vital for success.

Public Companies

FTSE 350 companies are now required under the Governance Code to seek external evaluations on a regular cycle.  Listed companies outside the FTSE 350 are still strongly encouraged to undergo evaluations. In this very competitive environment, businesses’ boards need to be at peak performance.


The new Charity Governance Code recommends evaluations for larger charities and, in an era of increasing pressure on standards and efficacy, all charities can benefit from this.  This is a testing time for charities and they need to rise to that challenge.

Private Companies

It is sometimes difficult for larger private companies to be confident that they are best equipped and prepared for achieving their objectives.  An independent evaluation can help them ensure they are meeting their goals as well as building successful and resilient businesses.

Your Team

Stephen and Karen met at a business event and through their conversations they worked out that they had a joint vision - to help organisations be more effective and to succeed.