About us

Through board evaluations, Greenspire encourages good governance and helps elevate organisations to perform better with greater impact. Together we help boards set higher standards so their organisations can be at their very best.

How can a Board effectiveness evaluation help?

  • An independent assessment of how your board works
  • Insight into how it compares with similar organisations
  • A detailed report and analysis
  • Recommendations

The Potential Benefits of a board evaluation

  • Establish an opportunity for board members to self reflect, review and assess areas for development and growth
  • Offer a tool to measure performance, capability and competence
  • Encourage an environment of continuous learning
  • Improve working relations, communications and efficiencies
  • Improve reporting
  • Identify patterns, shortfalls and gaps

Our Process - How We Help You

A detailed review of key documents including board papers and accounts

Attendance as observers at a board meeting

Detailed and confidential questionnaires to be completed by each director

Confidential interviews conducted with each director

Detailed report delivered