Why Choose Us?

‘Is it in the best interest of the client?’

is what drives every decision that we make at Greenspire Evaluations. Our purpose is to ensure that we are solely focused on helping businesses and organisations have the best standards of governance and that they are working for the long-term sustainable benefit of their stakeholders.


Our clients need to know that our evaluations are non-conflicted and that we have no agenda except for helping that organisation learn more about themselves, their governance, their practices and their dynamics in order for them to be more a more effective board.  A stronger board means a more healthy, sustainable and powerful organisation for the long-term.


All team members are experts and experienced in their own professional field and they come from varied backgrounds.  This diversity of thought, knowledge and approach will greatly enhance and contribute to the evaluation process and output.  (Please see Our Team for more details on our backgrounds.)


Although our process is based on proven tools and models, we also aim to offer our clients a tailored experience – in our approach and in our work.  Each and every organisation within the various sectors has its own unique characteristics, strengths and challenges – a fact that we recognise and work with during the evaluation process.


It isn’t enough for you to be good enough now. It’s about how great you will be. What are you doing to ensure that happens?